Providing your four-wheels buddy with proper maintenance will definitely develop into a rewarding long-term ownership, postponing the investment of purchasing a new vehicle sooner than necessary. Vehicles come built way better and more complex in the last 20 years compared to prior decades. More and more people develop their preferred and unique style and hold on to their old cars longer than ever. This naturally leads to answering the burning question of used cars maintenance and how you can breathe in more life into it.


DYI always comes handy

  • Change wipers when needed
  • Regularly vacuum the interior
  • Always clean leather and vinyl surfaces with the right cleanser.
  • Keep your tires properly inflated
  • Check all lights and have spare ones in the trunk


High-octane gas once a year will do wonders


Choose a date and once a year fill up a full tank with high-octane gas. It works great when it comes to cleaning out gunk from pistons and from the catalytic converter. Maintaining them build-up free will definitely do wonders in keeping the car running clean and more efficiently.


Replace the cabin air filter


Passenger cabin of many car models come equipped with an air filter that gets quite dirty after several years and needs to be properly replaced. Some car manufacturers include paper filters as a standard, however, getting carbon filters will offer a better protection for only a fraction more on the price tag.


Repair scratches as they happen


Body scratches tend to appear almost by magic. From parking lots and reckless drivers and up to weather conditions, you name it. Still, these marks and scratches grow bigger and even rust over time, so it is advisable to treat them as soon as you notice them and save both money and labor later on.


How to cut in labor costs

You can save forthcoming labor costs by planning on getting several things done at the same time you are changing something else. For example, when changing the timing belt you get all these things done:

  • Change all the belts
  • Change the water pump
  • Flush the cooling system

This will save money in the long run because they have to remove all the belts anyway. This is also great for early inspection and better visibility for damages deeper under the hood. One of them may turn out to be close to breaking, and you can save money if you change it along with the rest of the job.